We ask ourselves how can we alter the cycle of small businesses not being able to compete in large markets without having working capital to staff skilled Supply Chain Management people?

 Our Platform is designed to help small and medium size businesses reduce operational and project costs by using skilled experience people who understand Supply Chain Management.

Businesses need a lot of goods and services to survive in today’s marketplace. Whether it’s product inventory, manufacturing equipment, transportation or human services like IT workers, businesses turn to buyers to recommend the best, most cost-effective and reputable goods and services available to them.

In turn, buyers are faced with the challenge of ensuring the quality of the goods and services they recommend, while also minimizing costs. Evaluating a new supplier costs both time and money – costs that often have to be passed on to clients.

Meanwhile, suppliers who are just getting established or looking to expand may find it difficult to connect with the buyers they need to grow their businesses. Advertising and marketing alone can cost thousands, and precious time is easily wasted chasing false leads that don’t lead to real customers.

It’s been easy for everyone in the chain – clients, buyers, and suppliers – to get less than the best, and for more expense. Now there’s a better way.

1700buyers.com is a unique web-based platform connecting suppliers, buyers, and clients.

Suppliers – reach buyers across millions of product and service categories!

Buyers – easily find reputable, vetted suppliers and reduce costs and processing times!

Clients – receive bids from buyers, then contact your favorite supplier directly to award the bid and set terms and conditions!

With 1700buyers.com, everyone in the supply chain gets what they need – easier, faster, and for less money. Sign up and start growing your business with us today!