Supply Chain Marketplace platform was designed to assist small to medium sized businesses with resources within ANY industry.

Giving them tools required to bid on opportunities:

Why should I become a Supplier?


  • Our Buyers source across millions of product and service categories.
  • Direct contact new clients once bid is awarded. Set term and conditions directly with client.
  • Decrease advertising and marketing expenses.
  • Decrease business development budgets.
  • Stop chasing false leads that take up your valuable time.
  • No added commissions fee’s on awarded bids.
  • More Profit!

Why should I become a Buyer?


  • Buyers sends RFQ to suppliers and services providers. If supplier is NOT in database, the Buyer will refer that supplier to register.
  • Buyer sends 3 to 5 Bids to Clients with recommendations on selecting vendors base on Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Client will contact the vendors directly to Award the Bid and set forth terms and conditions.

How it works?

Supply chain management does not have to be complicated; that is why we provide a streamlined and pretty straightforward way for clients, buyers, and suppliers to interact in one place.


Client, Buyer, Supplier create an account on the platform. This is completed once for a new member.


Find Buyers

Client search our database of diversified buyers in any industry then choose and negotiate with a buyer to work with based on flexible work terms including fixed rates, hourly rates, and mobile rates.

Make Payments

We collect payments from the client and keep it in safe custody in our highly secure escrow account.



The buyer gets to work on the client's assignment. Sourcing from millions of suppliers in our database he sends a client a viable list of suppliers and their respective bids.


Client accepts and approves the buyers’ delivery.


Release Funds

Once a client is happy with the delivery and has approved it, we release the funds from our escrow account to the buyer.

Contact Suppliers

The Client can now contact the suppliers whose bids they accept directly to finalize the bid awards and their terms and conditions.


Completed Job

The process is complete, and everyone is happy.


Hire experts or be hired.
For any job, any time.

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